Picasso said it so beautifully:


"As a child I could draw as Raphael but I needed a whole life to be able to draw as a child."


This sentence is about a very important process, namely finding the inner child, your creativity, the artist in you. You can't find that in the outside world, you lose it there. It's about the way in. Unfortunately, for many people the inner world is unknown territory. But in that area that is unconscious for many, the answers lie to transcend stress, fear, dissatisfaction and sadness. So that you can live in peace with yourself and others again.


Making or experiencing art is a way to get in touch with that unconscious. It's a process of letting go, letting go of control and surrendering to free play. This way you can make your feeling speak, your intuition.


Learning to discover your own creativity means that you gain confidence in your own thoughts and feelings, in your own solutions, so that you don't let yourself be made a cog in a supreme system. You get your own strength back and come back into contact with your essence. Once you have learned to explore your own inner world and thereby gain insight into your life, you can then take the step into someone else's inner world. Then you have learned that we are all connected and essentially do not differ from each other. Those so-called differences are mainly in the external circumstances.


If you are willing to make the journey through the inner soul life of man, then you eventually come to the realization of a connection of this man with all living and nonliving things on this earth and with the cosmos as a whole. Then you see that psyche and matter are united into one whole. Heaven and earth are connected.


If you see this, you can restore the broken connection with fellow man and nature. The distinction between 'I' and 'non-I' then becomes less and less essential. And because you now feel more connected to people and the world, a much more intense awareness of your own individuality arises. Everything you do takes on a new meaning because you see that every person, every act is important in the big picture in which you live. And as a result, a lot changes, because from that moment on, the pursuit of one's own fulfillment will run in parallel with a desire for the incarnation of everyone.


So that's how important creativity is. Because it gives you the opportunity for self-destination, and it allows you to eventually change the social and social relations. If enough people start to find the current circumstances unbearable because it prevents that self-destination, then they will change these relationships and discover other possibilities.


Then a new kind of person arises who is on his way to ignoring boundaries. A man who is free and with his new insights will save society from solidification and will amaze the world with his new insights and creations. But also a person who lives with himself in peace and therefore also with others. A person who can connect with his fellow man on a deeper level.


That same Picasso also said: “Every child is an artist. But it's hard to remain an artist as an adult." By getting to know our own creativity, we can all be artists again!