There is a point on the horizon where sky and earth touch and fade into each other. There you can perceive the outlines of a new world. A world where there is space for unity, love and solidarity. A world that comes to life in joyful colours.

These colours are like a wordless language that can only be felt and experienced. A language of the heart that says that we are connected to each other in everything that we do and think. We are connected to the earth, the plants and animals, the sun, the moon and the stars. We are connected to the entire Universe.

This is the idea behind Karin Toma's painting. It is an idea about the future of humanity. Or perhaps it is just a dream that gives her a strange feeling of timelessness, in which she suddenly feels connected to life. A life with a rich, deep wisdom, brimming with love, and a very real perception of what is sacred in all things and all people. A world that works for every living being.


Karin Toma